If a toll box can no longer be found or if the box or your vehicle has been stolen, the box must definitely be blocked!

To do this, please promptly use the menu option "Loss/theft" in your customer account.

The blocking entails a blocking fee of € 35.00 to be paid by the customer. In order to carry out the blocking as quickly as possible, we ask you to include the following in your message sent during the blocking process:

"The device with serial number XY has definitely gone missing. I request for it to it be irrevocably blocked as soon as possible and I agree to the automatic debit of the blocking fee of € 35.00 from my lodged means of payment. I am aware that the contract is ".

In this menu option you can monitor and check the status of your box blocking.

With the blocking, the corresponding contract for the box ends. In order to receive a new toll box replacing the blocked box, please place a new order.