Choosing the right vignette

To order an e-vignette, please select the appropriate country on our website for which you would like to order an e-vignette. When selecting the type of e-vignette, please be sure to take the correct vehicle class into account.


ATTENTION: Especially for the Hungarian e-vignette, the values from your vehicle registration document are relevant! (The actual number of seats in your vehicle is irrelevant, the number in the vehicle registration document must be indicated and !)

To simplify and speed up the order process, we do not ask you to upload your vehicle registration document when you order an e-vignette. Therefore, we do not check whether your vehicle is actually suitable for the e-vignette you have chosen.



After you have placed all items required in the shopping cart, you can continue the order process by clicking on "Checkout" in the shopping basket. Here, you will be asked to enter and select all necessary data (e.g. the first validity date and the license plate number).


ATTENTION: The data of your vignette (validity date, validity period, vehicle class, license plate number) cannot be changed by us after placemement of your order; a cancellation or refund of the purchase price is not possible!

Was my order successful?


As soon as you have entered all the necessary information and accepted all the conditions required for the purchase of the products in your shopping basket and you have successfully lodged a means of payment, you will be informed by us that your order has now been successful.


From this point on, all successfully ordered control sections can be accessed in your customer account under "Orders". Furthermore, we have sent you an e-mail containing the control section. Please always check your lodged e-mail address' spam folder as well.


After the order 

A printed control section must always be carried with you in the vehicle in the country of validity.