Please note that the function of our devices is significantly affected by how it is installed in the vehicle. We have therefore summarised the most important information for our customers and would ask you to get information about the properties of your windscreen before attaching the device.

How do I attach my toll box?

Generally, the device should be attached to the upper area and in absolutely every case in the uncoated area of your vehicle's windscreen.

In motorhomes with alcoves or if you have a superstructure projecting forward on the roof of your vehicle, the device should be attached to the lower edge of the windscreen (in the case of coated windscreens, it should be held out of the window if necessary), as the device must be in direct signal with the station.

What is a coating on the windscreen?

Coatings on the windscreen are usually not visible and can have different functions. 

Normally, coatings are designed to repel raindrops, are part of a windscreen heater or protect against infrared radiation in sunlight, unfortunately, however, they also interfere with the signal between the toll device and the toll station. If the device is fixed in the uncoated area of the windscreen, however, too low/too high or at least partially in the coated area, the angle to the transmitter of all or at least some toll stations is no longer correct and the signal is disturbed (occasionally only at some stations). This results in you standing behind closed barriers at the toll stations. 

Does my vehicle have a coating on the windscreen?

Coatings on the windscreen are usually called, for example:

Thermal glazing

Heated windscreen/infrared heating (e.g. with silver coating)

Climate Comfort

Solar Protect

Insulating glass pane

Acoustic glazing

Low E Coating

Ceramic coating/ceramic sealant

(vitreous) silicon (oxide) coating

Windscreen sealing

These features are normally described in the vehicle manual, but this is not always the case as they are often not documented, for example, when the windscreen is replaced or as a special car repair shop service. Please ask your vehicle dealer or car repair shop about any coating on the windscreen.

A coating is not a tint strip and devices (unlike vignettes) may also be attached in the tinted area as long as none of the listed coatings are existent here.

What do I do if my vehicle has a coated windscreen?

If your vehicle has a coated windscreen, the toll box must be attached in the uncoated area. As a rule, this uncoated area is marked with black dots in the area of the rear-view mirror and/or described in the vehicle manual. To be absolutely sure, please ask your authorised dealer or car repair shop.

What do I do if the coating on my windscreen does not have a recess? 

What do I do if my windscreen has no uncoated area?

If your windscreen is fully coated or if you are unsure whether it is, we can only recommend that you hold the toll box out of the side window when you come to the toll station.

Attention when holding the toll box out of the side window: The toll box must already be held out of the side window when approaching the toll station (approx. 100 m in advance). This is important so that the antenna signal of the toll station can activate the device from sleep mode. Please orientate the toll box so that the holder faces forward towards the toll station. Please do not wave with the toll box. 


It is indeed often the case that models of the vehicle manufacturers Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Tesla etc. and usually all electric vehicles have fully coated windscreens without recesses of the coating. In these cases, the device must indeed always be held out of the window when approaching the toll station. Unfortunately, we have no influence on this fact, as the funtioning of the toll boxes is determined by the toll operators - Manufacturers of vehicles sold in Germany often do not include a recess for toll devices due to the non-existent passenger car toll in Germany.

Special case Citroen C4

Usually there is a full-vision windscreen here, so the device must be fitted at the level of the triangular window on the driver's side in order to be recognised better.


If the toll box class is also suitable for motorcycles, you can, of course, use your toll box with your motorcycle. Please note that it should not be exposed to any moisture not too much heat or too much cold. The toll box should be in direct communication with the toll station transmitter. We recommend storing the toll box in a tank bag, which is offered in specialized shops. Caution: Metal layers interfere with the signal between the toll box and the toll station.