In this article you will find a detailed list of reasons why the barriers at toll stations may not open.

What to do everytime the barrier at a toll station does not open, can be found if you click here.


Incorrect installation of the device on the vehicle

Please check if your vehicle has a coated windscreen.

You will find detailed information on correct installation and "coated windscreens" by clicking here.

Incorrect installation of the unit is in fact the most common reason for the box not working - so please be sure to check our detailed FAQ on installation.

Defective unit

Defects of the device can, unfortunately, occur from time to time; we always check the function of the device before dispatch, however, we have no control over how the delivery service provider handles shipment. Defects can also occur over time. Therefore, please always make sure that the unit is stored in a dry place, not too cold and not too hot. Please never disassemble the unit - the unit loses all function as soon as the battery is removed and the power supply is interrupted!

Defects are very isolated cases and we would ask you to consider the other points listed in this article first in the event of a problem at the toll station!

Empty/Low battery

If you chose the long-term version, please contact us 5 years after receipt.

If you originally chose the short-term version when you placed your order and it has changed to the long-term version, we would ask you to contact us 2 years after receipt. We will then check for you how long the battery of the device will last.

Some devices have an expiry date (TIS-PL and VIA-T). This is depicted on the device itself. We will usually contact you before this expiry date for a free replacement. However, you can also contact us before this date according to the previously mentioned points, premature battery expiry can never be precluded - and is quite likely if sudden problems occur and if you did not change the vehicle/windscreen since the last unproblematic use of the device.

Defective toll station

A defective toll station can be recognised by the fact that the barriers have been opened permanently or by the fact that the barrier no longer opens at all. Experience has shown that technical defects occasionally occur at toll stations, especially in Italy. We have no control over this. In this case, too, we would ask you not to change lanes under any circumstances, but to press the button at the toll booth or contact the staff to inform them that you have a device for autoatic toll collection. As soon as the barrier opens, you can pass the toll station.

Wrong device

If the barrier at the toll station does not open, this may also be due to the fact that you do not have the appropriate device in your vehicle. This means that you either are not carrying the device that is suitable for automatic toll collection in that specific country you travel in or (France, Portugal, Skandinavia:) that you are carrying the wrong category of device with you. Please ensure that you have entered the correct details when you lodged your vehicle before placing your order. If this is not the case, you can assume that the wrong box had been ordered.

If you found out that you ordered the wrong device, please do not use the designated lanes for automatic toll collection and please keep all receipts from paying the toll manually.

Your device was blocked

We only block a device in exceptional cases and never without informing you in advance by e-mail. Generally, a device is only blocked

  • if the customer does not react to repeated payment reminders or 
  • if you have asked us to block it due to loss or theft of the device.

You can check in your customer account whether the device in question is blocked by clicking on "Toll Box Management". If your device is listed there, your device is not blocked and we would ask you to consider other points listed in this article.