Please note before deleting a license plate! ("Why can't I delete my vehicle?")


Before a vehicle can be deleted in the vehicle management, it must be ensured that the corresponding vehicle is not linked to any toll device in the toll box management. Instructions on how to link or re-register your toll box with a registration plate can be found here.


How to delete a vehicle

  1. Under "My Account", please click on "Vehicle Management".
  2. Click "Edit" right next to the vehicle you want to delete.
  3. Click on "Delete vehicle" at the bottom and then click on "Delete" again to confirm the process.


Is deleting a vehicle mandatory?

The vehicle management is there to leave several vehicles lodged without having to enter the relevant data all over again after a period of not using a specific vehicle.

However, we ask you to delete vehicles that are no longer in your possession and, above all, to always unlink these from toll boxes in your possession.