Once you have entered a license plate number in your vehicle management, it cannot be entered a second time.

If the data of your vehicle has changed due to a change of vehicle, you can adjust the vehicle data of the relevant registration plate in the vehicle administration.


To change data of a vehicle that is already lodged, simply go to "Vehicle Management" under "My Account" after logging in and click on "Edit ..." next to the licence plate to be changed.

After klicking on the small arrows next to each line a drop-down menu opens by which you can specify the data of the new/current vehicle

Please select the applicable information.

Once you have made all the adjustments, please cklick "Save" at the bottom right.

Absolutely essential to consider when changing the data of a vehicle connected to a toll box

France, (Spain)

If you are in possession of a TIS-PL box and changes are made to the linked vehicle, please send us your vehicle registration document, as the number of axles, the actual total weight and the actual height without vehicle super structure are important here to determine whether the TIS-PL box is also suitable for a vehicle with the new data.


Our ViaVerde boxes have different categories, please check on the product page "Portugal" whether the category of your current box also applies to your vehicle with the new data.


For any change regarding a vehicle used with the AutoPass device, we must be contacted via our contact form or by email. Due to a change with the toll operator, we now require the vehicle registration document and your approach in the event of an exchange.