When a certain invoice is issued depends primarily on the lodged means of payment:

Direct Debit

Should you have lodged your bank account for direct debiting for your all open amounts regarding a current order, all charges incurred will be invoiced on the date of settlement at the end of each month (occasionally additionally in the middle of the month) and the invoice will be issued usually on the same day.

All other means of payment

For all means of payment other than direct debit, the time at which open amounts are settled and invoices are issued depends on the cost type:

Upon dispatch

  • Shipping and packaging charges
  • Purchase price of vignettes (including processing fee for the Bulgarian e-vignette)
  • Activation fees for boxes
  • First annual fees for boxes in the long-term version

On each date of settlement (always end of the month, occasionally also middle of the month) - Only for our toll boxes

  • Toll transactions including toll service fee
  • Access fees (Only for boxes in the short-term version

One year after dispatch - Only for our toll boxes - In the case of the short-term variant only if the unit has not been returned by then

  • Annual fee for boxes

Please Note: Transactions are not transmitted to us in real time by the toll operator: Your toll transactions and the corresponding toll service fee may not be charged until the next date of settlement or, in the event of delays in the transmission of tolls by the toll operator, the settlement after!