When ordering a new toll box or replacing a toll box, one holder per toll box is included as standard. 

If you require a new holder or several holders, please observe the following points:

The holders offered on the website are only suitable for the following toll boxes:

Iberia toll box (labelled "TOLLTICKETS")

Scandinavia toll box (labelled "TOLLTICKETS")

Toll box Italy (labelled "TOLLTICKETS")

Toll box France (labelled "TOLLTICKETS")

TIS-PL toll box (labelled "DKV")

Western Europe toll box (labelled "TOLLTICKETS")

The toll box holders do not fit on toll boxes of the brands "liber-t", "Vinci" or "Telepass". If you own a "Telepass" or "Liber-t"/"Vinci" brand toll box, please contact tolltickets customer service.

When ordering holders, please note that there are two different holders:

Lorry mounts and car mounts. 

Depending on how much your windscreen is tilted, you will therefore need either a car or a truck holder.