You can choose the date of dispatch when ordering a toll box approx. 5 weeks in advance. A toll device is personalised or "activated" upon dispatch and can always be used upon receipt, regardless of the contract.

We would ask you to note the points below regarding the selection of the dispatch date, depending on the contract:

Short Term contract

In the case of a short term contract, we begin charging the access fee no later than 14 days after dispatch of your toll box - even if you have not used the device by then.

We therefore recommend that you take this 14-day period after dispatch into account when ordering your product and to choose the dispatch date carefully. For more information about shipping terms, please ckick here.

If the date of dispatch in question is not yet available, please place your order at a later date.


Long Term contract

The annual fee for your "long-term" box is usually debited from your lodged means of payment on the date of dispatch and the next annual fee will be charged once every year at the same time. Here, the correct time of dispatch is less important than with the short-term contract - however, we want to give our customers the best possible advice and therefore recommend paying attention to the correct time of dispatch in this case as well.