When lodging your vehicle (license plate number), please always only enter the data of your towing vehicle. Only with our devices for Portugal trailers also have to be considered, however, not lodged.

With our devices, trailers never need a separate box! However, please note regulations in other countries for which we do not offer products.

Country-specific information can be found below for:


For the use of our toll boxes for France, only the data of the towing vehicle are relevant. Please do not consider any data regarding a trailer. Also, if you use the device for light vehicles in France, you can carry any type of trailer as long as your towing vehicle complies with the data for the device for "light vehicles". In any case, your vehicle combination will be measured and categorised on site at the toll station, but the correct device must always be in the towing vehicle.


Spain or Italy

Your vehicle will always be measured and categorised on site at the toll station. As long as you have a device that is valid for the country in question, it will work in any towing vehicle if installed appropriately.



We offer 4 categories of equipment for use in Portugal. Please pay close attention to the requirements of the categories. Here, not only the towing vehicle but also a trailer, if applicable, is relevant,however, does not have to be lodged in the vehicle administration of your customer account.


Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Denmark)

Even with our non-commercially used Autopass device (for all vehicles used for passenger transport and all commercially used vehicles up to 3.5 t), trailers do not have to be taken into consideration when ordering. The commercial Autopass is suitable for any commercially used vehicle over 3.5 t (vans weighing 3.5 t without trailer, trucks). Please note, however, that the use of the Autopass device is restricted on certain bridges and ferries (for more information, see the product page of the Autopass device for Scandinavia).