The verification for payment is NOT proof of purchase or registration for your vehicle with the Hungarian or Bulgarian toll operator! You must always carry a printed copy of the control section (Voucher) with you in your vehicle on toll roads in the country of validity!

If you find a transaction in your PayPal or credit card account, please also check first whether this is a payment or merely an authorisation or payment notification.

Occasionally, there are problems at the technical interface to the toll operators which result in us or your intermediate payment service provider actually collecting the amount. A registration has only definitely taken place if a corresponding control section is available in your customer account.

Of course, we will refund collected amounts for failed vignette orders for which you have not received a control section from us.

If the e-vignette has not been ordered or has not been ordered correctly for your vehicle and you drive on toll roads, you may be subject to heavy fines.