If you forgot your password and can therefore no longer log in to the customer account you have already created, you can easily request a new one as follows:

1. Go to "My account" on our website and click on "Have you forgotten your password?".

Attention: If you see the following when you click on "My account", you are already logged into your customer account.

2. Please then enter your lodged e-mail address and the security code and then click on "Request new password ...".

You should now have received a new password from us by e-mail. Please also always check your e-mail spam folder to avoid sending duplicate passwords.

Attention: If you receive the following error message after requesting the new password, you have not yet opened a customer account with the e-mail address you entered here. In addition to the completeness and correctness of all information, please also check whether you have possibly created an account at tolltickets with another e-mail address.

If, indeed, you have not yet created a customer account with us (and if you want to create a new one), please click on "My account". You will find instructions on how to create an account by clicking here.

4. You can now log in with the password you received by e-mail by clicking on "My account" again and entering your lodged e-mail address and the new password.

ATTENTION: Please change your password yourself immediately after logging in! You can find instructions on how to do this by clicking here.