Please note that a means of payment cannot be deleted, but updated/overwritten.

In order to update a means of payment (or simply to reissue the authorisation), please select "Means of payment" after logging into your customer account.

Under "Means of payment" you will find a list of the means of payment currently stored for current orders. A means of payment always refers to an individual order, as you always enter a new means of payment for each order (one lodged direct debit account, however, can also refer to more than one order).

To the right of each means of payment, you can click on the desired means of payment highlighted in blue, which you can use to update the currently lodged means of payment. 

Please enter all necessary data and confirm the process at the end. After successfully updating your means of payment, you will always receive a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address lodged in your customer account and your lodged means of payment will be listed in the updated version.

When depositing or updating a credit card, please note that it must be approved for online purchases and comply with the PSD2 guidelines.

ATTENTION: Please never give out bank information in an email, on the phone or by letter. The update must be carried out by you via the portal.