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How do I carry out a vehicle exchange?

If you change the number plate or vehicle, you must re-register the box before you start your journey (the box must always be registered to the vehicle in which it is currently being used):

1. log into your customer account on our website.

2. please select "Toll boxes" and then click on "Choose Action" and "change vehicle" to select a different lodged licence plate.

If you have not yet lodged the new license plate, please click on "Add vehicle" and enter your vehicle data. By clicking on "Save", the new license plate will be lodged and the toll box will be re-registered immediately. It can be used immediately.

(Please contact our support team in any case of a license plate exchange for an AutoPass box.)

ATTENTION: For Box Scandinavia and Box Iberia: If you do not find the number plate in the selection, please make sure that all fields (except for the key numbers and the fleet information) are filled in!

For the use of rental cars, you can find more information here.

IMPORTANT - Is a licence plate exchange allowed?

With our boxes for France, Portugal, Iberia and Scandinavia, it is essential to consider whether the new vehicle is at all suitable for the corresponding box before changing the number plate. You will find detailed information on the product features and suitability on the respective product pages.

Anytime, when changing the linked license plate number or car to the AutoPass device, please contact our support team.