In this article you will find answers to the questions 

"Why was my box sent in a metal pouch?"

We ship all our units from our premises in Germany. If you have ordered a toll device from us and delivery is made to or through the country the toll box in question is for, we will include a metal bag. The metal layer prevents communication between the device and the toll stations in any case and no transactions can be created during the transport of your toll device.

"When do I need to wrap my box in aluminium foil?"

Beside the fact that we do not want the device to create unneccessary transactions during transport from or to us, there are the following cases in which a metal layer should be put around the device:

If you rent a vehicle in the country for which you have ordered a toll device and find that there is already a toll device in it, you should always wrap one of the devices in aluminium foil (or our metal bag) to avoid double bookings! (We cannot cover double bookings).

If your vehicle has to be towed out of the country you are using our toll device in, it is essential that you either remove the device from the vehicle or wrap it in aluminium foil (/our metal bag) to avoid creating unneccessary toll transactions at toll stations. If you missed this opportunity we can still irrevocably block the device if you inform us.

"Special case TIS-PL and Iberia".

If you use a TIS-PL box (vehicle category "heavy vehicles" for France and Spain) and a tolltickets box Iberia (Portugal and Spain) at the same time, double bookings at toll stations in Spain may occur.

For this reason, we ask you to remove the TIS-PL box (DKV sticker) from the windscreen after the last French toll station and wrap it in aluminium foil.