Toll boxes are small battery-powered devices that are attached to the inside of a car's windscreen.

When you use a toll box, your entries and exits through toll stations in the car-tolling country in question are automatically recorded by the toll operator.

With a toll box, you can pay the tolls automatically. This means you don't have to stop at toll booths and pay cash or with a credit card. When you approach a toll station, you simply take a specially labelled automatic toll lane and the communication with the toll box opens the barrier.


A toll box communicates via low-energy radio waves with an antenna mounted above the toll station. When you are driving on an open road, the toll booth is in sleep mode. Therefore, the battery inside can operate for several years before it needs to be replaced. About 100 m before the toll station, a signal from the toll station wakes up the toll box and starts the data exchange. A so-called toll transaction is created, the barrier at the toll booth opens and you can pass the toll booth seamlessly without having to stop or pay cash or with credit cards.  

The toll transaction is stored in the toll toll operator's system and converted into a toll billing record based on the toll operator's toll rates. All your toll billing records are transferred to tolltickets and you can view them online in your account once they have been sent to us and processed.

Depending on the toll collector, the transfer process can usually take a few days or even weeks. This is not something that tolltickets can influence or accelerate.