Problems occasionally occur when ordering one or more toll boxes during the vehicle assignment process. We would like to offer you a solution without the waiting time you would have to accept when contacting our support team.

No vehicle selected / selection of a vehicle not possible

When ordering a toll box, you must always link it to the corresponding vehicle or licence plate number.

All you have to do is click on the corresponding licence plate number.

If a number plate is highlighted in grey so that it cannot be selected and the note "Vehicle is not suitable for selection" is displayed, either vehicle data is missing which must be added ("Edit") or the toll box is not suitable for the dimensions of the corresponding vehicle.

If the vehicle to which you want to link the box is not listed, it has not yet been lodged in your customer account. You can add it directly under "Create new vehicle" without interrupting the order process.

If this article does not help you with the problem during step 2 of the order process for a toll box, you can, of course, contact our support team. The best and quickest way for us to find a solution is to send us a screenshot.